Stupid Phone! -- Tip #3: Battery Life

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If it hasn't already happened, it probably will: You're going to be somewhere watching your battery life steadily go down without your charger in hand. 10% - 5% - 3% - 1% - Dead. And when it does happen, where will you be?

  • on an important call with your boss?
  • following your map, and you get lost and turn into a blind alleyway to your doom?
  • messaging your husband and now he won't know when you're getting home?

It doesn't have to happen if you know how to manage your battery, and luckily both iOS and Android have tools built right inside to help. You could buy an external battery. These come as models that connect to your charge port with a cable or even as cases that charge as your phone charges. However, if you check your power management, you'll get even more use out of that extra battery.

iOS Battery Management

Checking your battery on an iPhone or iPad is as easy as going to Settings > Battery. That will take you to a page that shows a Low Power mode you can turn on to stretch the energy a little further. There are particular things this mode turns off to save power. There is a toggle to turn battery percentage off and on depending on weather you like a digital countdown or not. And, next, iOS make suggestions about how to get more battery life. In the example pictured, it's telling us to turn down the screen brightness.

iOS Battery Life Screens

Tapping the ">" will take you to the brightness controls. iOS might suggest other things here as well.

If you scroll down a little, you'll see a list of apps and how much they've been using your battery for the past 24 hours or 7 days, depending on which you want to check.

iOS Battery Life Screen

If you tap the tiny clock icon, you'll even get the number of minutes the apps were using the battery, and whether they were on screen or in the background blissfully draining your power. The apps that are using the most power for the most time, especially in the background, are the ones to target. Check their settings to see if they are checking your location all the time or sending you notifications for everything.

If they won't be controlled, you might want to delete them altogether. For example, see that Facebook app? Yes, it really is a hog. Could you do without it and use the phone's web browser to check the latest memes and arguments? If so, delete it and stop, in this case, 42% of the usage of your battery!

Android Battery Management

Android OS conveniently puts battery management in its settings, also. The screens here might be slightly different for you depending on your phone brand and Android version, but you're generally going to find a setting somewhere for your battery. In the case of our Samsung phone, it's under Device Maintenance.

Android/Samsung Battery Settings

Tapping that will take you to a screen with a percentage rating for battery performance and a magic "Fix Now" button that will apply things the OS thinks will help. Another option is to tap the "Battery" button and get a more detailed look at what is happening.

Android/Samsung Battery Screens

Android then tells you the percentage of battery various apps used in the past hour. You can tap an app to get more information, or use that fix button to help.

Reach Battery Nirvana

With a bit of trial and error, and maybe a little prayer or meditating on the virtues of energy, you should see a significant extension in your battery life. You might even quit stashing a chargers and cables everywhere for peace of mind. We wish you luck on your journey to Battery Bliss!



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