Stupid Phone! -- Tip #1: Lost Apps

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So you've had your phone for a while, and you can't find anything on it because it's loaded with hundreds of apps. It's so much fun to try out new apps! You get suggestions from friends and family, so you load them up and give them a try. Sometimes you keep using them; sometimes you just forget about them. Even the ones you like, you shuffle off to another screen or folder for the few times you need it and can't find it when you do. Swipe, swipe, swipe, tap, swipe, tap, tap, swipe -- where is it?!?!

Luckily there are a couple of ways to find what you need: Voice Assistants and Search.

Voice Assistants

Both Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant have an "Open" command. Simply tell it to "Open AppName," and it will if the app is anywhere on your device. Of course, depending on the noise around you and other factors, they might not understand you. If you are having a shouting match with your phone in a public space, you might end up on YouTube. So, it might be better to use the search function.


Both iOS and Android have search functions to help you find those lost or hidden apps. In iOS, swipe down from the top of your screen to see your widgets and notifcations screens. At the top is the Search field. Start typing into this, and apps will begin appearing. Once it narrows down to what you need, you can tap the app and go. (iOS's search function finds things on the web, in your music and documents, and in the App Store to show you an app you might not have.)

iOS Searching

Android can vary from brand to model, but generally you're going to have an Apps icon to choose. All your installed apps will then be shown for you to swipe through, but at the top is a Search field where you can enter what you're looking for. Once it finds it, just tap and go.

Android Searching

One More Thing...

Both iOS and Android have features in their settings to check out how much space your apps and any data they use are taking on your device. You can even remove them from there. That's a bit beyond the scope of this tip since you can't launch your app from there, but if you're trying to find things to get rid of them, the Settings might be helpful.



Stupid Phone! is a series of quick -- when they can be -- tips about common things that annoy everyone on any mobile device no matter the brand or model. Do a search for "stupid phone" to get a full list of tips. Have one we haven't covered yet? Send it to us as a Website Comment via our Contact page, and we might just publish it here!

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